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These portraits are the start of a new series of “Traces of Authenticity” in which a number of well-known architects, artists, actors and writers are portrayed who have (have been) a major influence on Dutch art and design over the past 51 years.

These paintings were made for the film 25 years of the Groninger Museum with the title "Frans Haks and the Groninger Museum". A film by Frénk van der Linden and Eric Blom

Frans Haks

Frans Haks

Commissioned by the Groninger museum for their 25th anniversary, journalist Frénk van der Linden and director Eric Blom made the film "A private planet". For this film I made portraits of Frans Haks (director Groninger museum from 1978-1995) and Designer Alssendro Mendini.

The film was broadcast on November 10 on NPO 2 extra and TV Noord and will be shown all year round in the Groninger museum.

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